Conpany's Information
“We are waiting for SUNJIN People who will change, innovate, grow and communicate as global leaders with us.”

SUNJIN has differentiated competitiveness through wide range of business performance capabilities such as civil engineering design, architectural design, CM, overseas business, and development business, and provides One-Stop Solution Total Service.

Job introduction
Sortation Field Job
Civil Engineering Water Waterworks & Sewerage, Water Resources
Land Planning Urban Planning, Land and Complex, Landscape and Resort
Infrastructure Road & Highways, Railway, Transportation Planning, Structural Engineering, Geotechnical and Tunnel Engineering, Electric Power, Environmental Impact Assessment
Plant Renewable Energy, Environmental Facilities
Architecture Architectural Design Public Buildings, Private and Commercial Buildings, Residential Buildings, Global Design
CM CM, Construction Supervision Civil Engineering CM, Architectural Construction
Special field Overseas Business , Real Estate Development Civil Engineering, Architecture, CM, Real Estate Development
Management support General Administration, Finance, Order Management Human Affairs, Legal Affairs, General Affairs, Outsourcing, Accounting, Contract, Bid, PQ, Planning, , Computational, Promotion
People of SUNJIN

As the fourth industrial revolution approaches, we are looking for people who have no fear in innovating, growing and communicating.


We offer various welfare programs to improve employee’s quality of life such “Life-with-evenings Program" and “Work and Learning Program“.

  • No-overtime day
  • Work/learning balance program
  • Long-term employee rewarding program
  • Annual recommended paid leave
  • Maternity leave & parental leave
  • Leave and allowances for congratulatory and condolatory events
  • Resort membership
  • Company café
  • Women's lounge
  • Health screenings
  • Medical expense subsidy
  • Company-sponsored sports teams and clubs

Sunjin is helping to use resorts and condominiums all over the country to get away
from tired daily life and to have time with the family.


SUNJIN supports activities of various clubs in order to make people feel healthy and improve their emotional stability and
emotion through the activities of clubs. In order to establish a place for communication among employees, SUNJIN operates an in-house communication cafe.

  • Golf club
  • Basketball club
  • Movie club
  • Soccer club
  • Joined the company at the same time(2016)
  • Joined the company at the same time(2017)
  • Joined the company at the same time(2018)
  • Joined the company at the same time(2019)
  • Basketball club
  • Movie club
  • Communication cafe
  • Communication cafe
Social contribution

Sunjin believes that small sharing is the beginning of a better world that everyone dreams of.
We are willing to share what we have with the marginalized groups, share happiness and share the value of sharing.

  • Support for 2019 handicapped summer camp
  • Activities of the Steering Committee at Bucheon City General Disabled Welfare Center
  • 2018 Donated computers and computer equipment
  • Kimchi support for the Disabled
  • Support for 2018 handicapped summer camp
  • 2017 Donated computers and computer equipment
  • Creating a Job for the disabled
  • Agreement to create jobs for the disabled
  • Social Contribution Agreement