SUNJIN Engineering expands its Modular Business through MOU with Cheil Industries and U-Chang

On August 19, SUNJIN Engineering signed a business cooperation memorandum of understanding (MOU) for mutual development, with Cheil Industries and U-Chang.

The main element of this MOU is mutual cooperation on joint study and technology development, joint venture, and network formation, all of which are related to modular projects.

The modular construction method is making all or parts of a buildingĄ¯s main structures as unit forms and then completing the construction process by assembling these units. This method reduces the construction period, leading to reduction of construction costs in mass production, and is environmentally as the units can be recycled.

Hence, the modular method will present a new paradigm in the currently stagnant construction industry, and its market will gradually expand.

SUNJIN Engineering, Cheil Industries and U-Chang will mutually cooperate by taking charge of modular construction designs, construction and production respectively. Through this synergy effect, they will lead the modular industry and pioneer new markets.