SUNJIN Engineering¡¯s Annual Cumulative Order Amount up to the 3rd Quarter ranks 6th in the Engineering Industry, ranking 3rd in terms of this Amount per Employee

SUNJIN Engineering¡¯s annual cumulative order amount up to the third quarter, which was surveyed by ¡°Construction and Economy News¡±, ranked sixth in the engineering industry.

The survey result, published on ¡°Construction and Economy News¡±, October 8, 2014, is as of the end of September. SUNJIN Engineering¡¯s annual cumulative order amount was reported to be KRW 73.9 billion, which is the sixth in the whole industry.

In particular, its productivity per employee increased by 50% compared to the same time in the previous year, ranking third in the industry in terms of the order amount per employee.

This means that each employee has won orders worth KRW 109 million so far in 2014, showing that SUNJIN Engineering is experiencing substantial development.