SUNJIN Engineering ranks 40th among the ˇ°2015 World Architecture 100ˇ± Companies selected by Building Design, a British Firm

Building Design, a British firm, announced that SUNJIN Engineering ranked 40th in the survey of sales and employment sizes of over 1,400 construction design companies throughout the world conducted until October last year.

SUNJIN Engineering, which first became a World Architecture 100 company by ranking 41st in 2014, went up the rank to the 40th this year. An aerial view of OˇŻBiztower was also published with a brief introduction. Construction of OˇŻBiztower is expected to be completed in 2015.

Based on its strong technological base in engineering and construction along with sensible designs, SUNJIN Engineering continues to do its best in order to leap toward the world as the leading company.