100. SUNJIN ENGINEERING, winning an World Bank funded contract in Vietnam

99. SUNJIN Engineering & Architecture, Winner of the 12th Natural Environmental Prize

98. SUNJIN, the First Korean Company to Win the Contract on Water Related Project(WB)

97. SUNJIN Engineering & Architecture, Minister of Environment's Award

96. 2012 Korean Architecture Award

95. Participated in the Exhibits of 2012 Korean Architecture Fair & Festival

94. 1st Prize in the International Osong Bio Valley Design Competition

93. Abu Dhabi Urban Development Project Top10

92. Overseas Railway Project MOU with Incheon Metro

91. Japan's RIA CEO and his members visits SUNJIN Engineering & Architecture

90. Selected as One of 100 Great Firms in Employment

89. Participated in the Exhibits of 2011 Korean Architecture Fair & Festival

88. Urban Design Award, Urban Design Institute of Korea

87. 2010 LH Corporation, Housing Complex Design Competition Award

86. SUNJIN Engineering, Forefront in Active Development of New Technologies

85. Vice-Minister of Public Security & Key Officials of Vietnam Visit

84. SUNJIN Engineering, Selected as Top 10 Construction Company in Vietnam

83. SUNJIN in cooperation with the National Railway Company of Vietnam

82. MOU on Cooperation in Light Rail Transit Sector with Tonichi Consultant, Japan
     - Meeting with an architect, Itami Jun to set an opportunity for cooperation

81. SUNJIN Engineering & Architecture, Established a Joint Venture with SNC-Lavalin

80. SUNJIN, Concluded MOU on New City Design of Tu Hiep, Vietnam

79. Conclusion of an MOU for Seoul Underground City with QIM in Canada

78. Conclusion of an MOU for a Joint Venture with The Robbins Company in the U.S.

77. Visit of Managers Responsible for Construction Practices in the Department of Public Security, Vietnam

76. Construction of Cooperative Relationships for Businesses with SNC-Lavalin in Canada

75. Conclusion of a Memorandum of Understanding with Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. in China

74. Participating in the Employment Fair for Human Resources Specialized in the Plant

73. Award of Prize from the Minister of Land, Transport and Maritime

72. Participating in 2009 Korea Architecture Fair & Festival

71. Award of 2009 Grand Prize of Korean Architecture and Culture

70. Participating in Gyeonggi Design Festival 2009

69. Participating in 2009 Incheon World City Festival

68. Winning the orders of the construction management (CM) for Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) and PM/CM of Paco City, the Philippines

67. Hosting of local Presentation Session for the Design Project of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Laos

66. Strengthening of work alliance with NSC of Japan

65. SUNJIN won the contract for design of Abu Dhabi local residential complex

64. SUNJIN, Completion of Steel House in Abu Dhabi

63. Contract for audit of earthwork for the residential complex in the state of Ajdabia in Libya

62. SUNJIN Engineering & Architecture won the architectural design of Ministry of Cultural-Athletic Tourism Business Complex of Vietnam

61. SUNJIN Engineering & Architecture won the contract for the NEWTATCO complex building of the Ministry of National Defense

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