20. Cambodian officials Visit Company (June. 19th)

19. Completion of Vietnam The Ministry of culture building and starting Tang Long 28 story residential complex building construction

18. Vietnam Gwang-Lin Investment Delegation visited a company(May 9th)

17. Kuwaiti officials visit our company(May 3rd.)

16. Selected Seoul Excellent Engineering & Construction Service Provider (May 1st)

15. Execution of the 2007 regular CM Education (April 27th)

14. Pakistan Punjob state environmental relative's visit to Korea (April 10th)
13. The 11th Korea Institute of Construction Engineering and Management study oversea cooperative committee workshop (February 23rd)
12. Korea Visit of Dr. John Tough, English (February 7th.)
11. Conference with the Vietnamese officials (7th December, 2006)

10. 2006 National Exhibition of Korean Architecture

09. International Eco Architecture Fair in Busan 2006
08. 2006 SUNJIN seminar, ¡°Steven HOLL¡¯s World of Architecture¡±
07. 2006 Austrian Independence Anniversary
06. Workshop Training at the ¡°Canaan Farmers¡¯ Institution¡±
05.¡¸A vice-minister of Ministry of Culture and Information of Vietnam¡¹visited SUNJIN
04.¡¸2006 SUNJIN Seminar¡¹Architectural Seminar (12, September, 2006)
03.¡¸2006 SUNJIN Seminar¡¹Architectural Seminar (12, September, 2006)
02. SUNJIN won the Competition, Yeomchang-dong World Meridian Apartment
01. SUNJIN won the International Competition, Postal Ministry of Vietnam
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