SUNJIN Engineering & Architecture opens the Facebook Page [CNNEWS 29.MAR.2013]

On March 28th, 2013, SUNJIN Engineering & Architecture (hereinafter ¡°SUNJIN¡±) opened the Facebook Page( apart from the existing SunJin¡¯s website to strengthens the online communication through the official Facebook page is published in CNEW (29.MAR.2013).

SUNJIN is the first time opened Facebook in the Korean Engineering Consulting industry. SUNJIN uses the Facebook to strengthen the mutual communication that was unfilled in the existing website. The Facebook will be providing SUNJIN¡¯s order, news, update and a story on engineering and architect that can gain sympathy from others.

SUNJIN¡¯s official said, ¡°From my work, I met many client and official from different countries and they want to easily access the company¡¯s information. As this reason, I decided to open the Facebook.¡± Also, he explained, ¡°Online Communication through SNS helps to secure potential customer and induce people to have positive recognition about architect and engineering.

Apart from the Facebook, SUNJIN will open Linkedin, the Business Social-Median, to expand the more activity of SNS.