Article on winning a contract for reconstruction PM/CM for Cheongju Uncheon Jugong Apartment (published on ¡±KLD¡°, May 26)

The contract for reconstruction PM/CM service for Cheongju Uncheon Jugong Apartment, won by SUNJIN Engineering in the limited public bid among the top 10 CM (construction management) companies at the end of last April, was signed on May 14 in the Main Conference Room on the first floor of SUNJIN Engineering.

In addition, the commencement meeting was held at the Cheongju Uncheon Jugong Preparatory Committee office on May 21. For the next 7 years, SUNJIN Engineering will take charge of project management (PM) and construction management (CM) including business value improvement and schedule management.

The related article was published on the ¡°CM & ENG¡± section on Page 4 of ¡°KLD¡±, May 26.