SUNJIN Engineering & Architecture was founded in 1975, under the ideology of ¡°creating a pleasant and safe tomorrow where man and nature coexist as one.¡±

Taking on a role of a corporation whose purpose is to create value and provide better conditions for living, SUNJIN Engineering & Architecture continues to develop new services and create a diverse array of living environments in response to the ever-changing demands of our clients.

Featuring a comprehensive range of services and business interests to provide clients with sensible and diversified solutions, SUNJIN Engineering & Architecture operates an efficiency-maximizing service system comprising of experts and professionals from each construction and architecture field.
In particular, SUNJIN Engineering & Architecture has based on advanced technological capacity and creative designs to ensure unhindered interactions and role fulfillments of the natural environment, urban environment, and architecture and thereby strives for positive interactions between man and nature in a world where they are one and the same.

Basing on extensive expertise and a solid technological foundation to compete on the global stage, SUNJIN Engineering & Architecture pledges to continue striving toward creating even greater values for clients from throughout the world.