The Geotechnical Engineering executed by SUNJIN includes test-related tasks from foundation examination, field test to indoors test and foundation plan of structures, slope stabilization, strengthening of vulnerable foundation and tunnel design.

The representative projects are SDK landfill area 2 and 3, Daejeon city railroad line no.1, execution drawing of highway between Jeonju and Gwangyang and Busan~Daegu Highway Gyeongsan~Samrangjin).


1. Roads Design and Construction Management

2. Feasibility Study, Design Development

3. Construction Document for City and Rural Roads

4. Highways and Interchange Design

5. Feasibility Study for SOC Business

6. GIS Development

7. Bird-Eye-View Drawing

8. Computer Road Simulation

88 Olympic Highway
Seoul Peace Park

Busan Subway Line No.3

SDK Landfill Site 1,2