Most people think that development is against environment.
But real development is done to value and save the environment.

SUNJIN is involved in the whole process from preliminary environment-friendliness review, environmental effect evaluation to post environment management and is also in planning, private-invested business and T/K business necessary for environment study, waste treatment facility, water contamination prevention facility and polluted water purification facility.

The representative achievements are the largest scale of land reclamation at the metropolitan area, Environment Resource Management Facility business at Iksan, Unsanitary Landfill in Seosin and Next Landfill Development business at Busan.


1. Environmental Researches - Air, Water, Noise, Vibration

2. Environmental Effect Analysis

3. Waste Treatment Plant Design

4. Pollution Prevention System Design

5. Wastewater Purification Facilities Design

6. Nuclear System Studies

Sudokwon Landfill Site1
Sudokwon Landfill Site2

Gajwa Sewage Treatment Plant

Arisu Water Purification Center