SUNJIN has extensive design experiences and high technological power ranging from
I) pure landscape field including houses, complex and parks
II) tourism leisure field including golf course, ski course and resorts
III) national infrastructures such as resource recycling facility landscape, roads and reclamation plant to
IV) environment recovery business area such as river and ecological recovery.

Based on the technological power, SUNJIN executes research and analysis task, basic plan, design, working plan and supervision in accordance with the relevant city, complex and landscape plan.

The representative projects accomplished are Peach Park, Seoul Race Course Park, Pohang Country Club, Jindo Dog Theme Park, Daejeon Flower Land and Boramae Youth Park.

SUNJIN will try to meet expectation of customers with the top quality of design services.


1. Research and Analysis
    Research and analysis of natural environment

2. Planning/ Design
    Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents for Towns, Complex Buildings, and Landscape Design
    Schematic Design, Design Development for Parks
    Schematic Design, Design Development for Tourism Development
    Schematic Design, Design Development for Sports Facilities/ Complex
    Public Landscape Design for Urban Planning
    Schematic Design and Landscape Design for Construction Site
    Schematic Design, Design Development for Cultural Properties / Historic Places
    Schematic Design, Design Development for Roads
    Other Landscape Architecture for Aquatic Design, Forestations, Service Areas, Recreation Facilities

3. Construction Supervision
    Landscape Architecture and Construction Management

Pohang Golf Course
Yongsan Park Master Plan

Seoul Peace Park

Songsan Green City