Facilities and structures become vital and come to function properly, aided by equipment, electricity, information and communication, fire defense device and control and measuring equipment.

Major tasks of SUNJIN are electric generation planning, research, design, supervision and facility inspection for various civil engineering and construction works including governmental offices and houses, offices and buildings for commercial, accommodation, medical, religious and research purposes, roads, waste water treatment plants, water purifying plant, waste incineration and transportation, recycling plant, park, and so on.


1. Sewerage Treatment Plant, Wastewater Treatment Plant

2. Water Purifying Plant, Pressure Plant

3. Garbage Incineration Plant and Transportation

4. Materials Recycle System

5. Roads and Tunnels

6. Energy Usage Plans

7. Design and Diagnostication of Mechanical/ Electrical Technology of Civil Engineering Structures

8. Subway and light electric railway

9. Park and development for recidenteal area

10. Apartment

SDK landfill Leachate Reuse and Additional Facility
Daegwallyeong 1st Tunnel

Daejeon Subway Line No.1

Changwon Convention Center