The strong tide of internationalization and the saturation of domestic market brought the age of global infinite competition that shadows the meaning of national border.

In front of tough foreign and domestic competitions, Sunjin is making efforts to develop new growth power and create new value in a broader world.

Based on the experience and record in foreign market since 80s and with the highest level of technology and designing competitiveness, Sunjin¡¯s overseas activities are already producing results in the Middle East and Russia as well as in Vietnam and other Asian countries.

Based on a broader business range including building, civil engineering, CM, supervision and development project as well as differentiated expert system, Sunjin is aiming to be a global leader and is continuing to challenge toward many overseas markets that are yet to be developed.

In line with these efforts, SUNJIN established SUNJIN VIETNAM J.V.C. in Hanoi, as a joint venture company, the first of its kind in the domestic engineering & architecture offices and currently leading the market in engineering & architecture and design industry, based on leading technology and trustworthiness.

Major responsibility areas of SUNJIN are business planning, development R&D and engineering & architectural design and planning. Its main achievements include Northern An Khan Star world master plan, building for the Ministry of Culture, Postal Ministry building, 28 story residential complex building, Molao new town housing complex and Songhong head office building, etc in Vietnam.

In addition to Vietnam, SUNJIN made inroads into the United Arab Emirates, China, Cambodia, Qatar, Nigeria, Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and so on and is expanding its influences more and more.


SUNJIN Vietnam Joint Venture Company

Foundation : 2004. 8
Address : Tang 9-27 To Vinh Dien, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel : +84-43-734-4773
Fax : +84-43-734-4761
Homepage :


Vietnam Representative Office

Address : 8th Floor, TID Building, NO 4 Lieu Giai Street, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel : +84-4-3762-1340
Fax : +84-4-3762-1358


Sunjin-Libya Engineering Joint Company

Foundation : 2008. 12.
Address : 3rd Floor, Al-Helal Building, Al-Birka, Benghazi, Libya
Tel : +218-91-368-3078


SUNJIN E&A Co., Ltd. Dubai Branch

Foundation : 2009.
Address : 205, Saif Bin Mohd Al-Shamsi Bldg. 2, Al Barsha 1, UAE
TEL : +971-4-447-0347
FAX : +971-4-447-0348


SUNJIN Engineering & Architecture Middle East, LCC

Foundation : 2010.
Address : P.O. Box 57316, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel : +971-2-642-0005
Fax : +971-2-641-0303


1. Business Plan, Development R&D
    Laws and Regulations Comprehension
    Business Feasibility / Consulting
    Facilities Planning / Programming
    Environmental Planning
    Preliminary Design

2. Engineering & Architecture Design
    Design Document Analysis
    Engineering & Architecture Design
    Design Documents, Specifications
    Budget Management, Budget Estimation
    Perspective Drawing, Model

3. Construction Document

UAE Al Ghadeer Project
KCTC in Masdar City
Northern An Khan Splendora Master Plan
Vietnam ICON4 office building