Construction projects are becoming larger and more complex as time passes and thus requires expertise from many different fields. In addition, rapid changes in construction requirements are calling for diversification and innovation and such changes are taking place at a faster and faster rate. Faced with this, simple and minor services can no longer provide the solutions required to realize project success.

Sunjin Engineering & Architecture is a total solutions provider who is equipped with all the requirements of a one-stop total integrated service provider in this rapidly changing world.

For the past 30-years SUNJIN has been providing Clients with a Total Integrated Solution.

We are the only firm in Korea which maintains a balance of in-house staff - made up of about 700 professionals, integrated across Architecture, Civil Engineering and Construction Management.

From architectural design to high speed rail systems and complex urban planning, we provide our Clients with a Total Solution that fits their specific needs.


1. Commencement Phase
    Construction Management Plans
    Classification System
    Project Management Information System Organization
    Project MembersĄŻ Meeting

2. Study Phase
    Project Plans, Feasibility Study and Analysis
    Confirm ClientĄŻs Requirements and Each ProjectĄŻs Characteristics

3. Basic Design Phase
    Support Architect Selection
    Design Development/ Value Engineering
    Construction Cost Estimation
    Process Management
    Modifications Control
    Quality Management

4. Detailed Design Phase
    Support Architect Selection
    Construction Plan Preparations
    Value Engineering
    Construction Cost Estimation
    Process Management
    Modifications Control
    Quality Management
    Procurement Control
    Support Contractor Selection

5. Construction Phase
    Review& Analysis of the Work Schedule/ Cost Management Planning
    Construction Management/ Supervising
    Claim Control

6. After Completion Phase
    Building Operations and Maintenance
    Consulting on Additional Work

POSCO Heaquarters in Songdo

The Gangbuk Park
(Dream Forest)

Dream Park's Golf Course