Civil engineering is a key industry to establish national infrastructure. SUNJIN is trying to provide Total Engineering Service and become a pioneer in the Structural Engineering industry, feeling sensible of responsibility for public business and society.

SUNJIN is involved in projects such as planning and designing national roads, highways, bridges, subways and underground roadways, providing construction supervision and on-the spot technical supports, carrying out precision examination and evaluation on bridges, planning and executing maintenance reconstruction of structures, accomplishing research services, developing new construction technology and doing SOC business.

The representative project SUNJIN has accomplished is to build coastal highway along Songdo and highways between Busan and Daegu and reconstruct Yelim bridge.


1. Structure Designs for Architectural Bridges, Tunnels, Subways

2. Structure Calculations and Analysis

3. Highways and Underground Structures Design

4. Bridge Overhaul, Repair, Analysis, Reconstruction

Songdo Seashore Road
Daejeon Subway
Line No.1