Establishing a variety of hierarchical and reasonable plans provides pleasant environment for the traffic and improves the quality of life, starting from the desirable traffic form for individual buildings and houses as basic unit of traffic and further traffic network between cities and areas. Sunjin is involved in City Traffic Maintenance Basic Plan,

Transportation System Management (T.S.M), Global Improvement Business and Plan, Public transportation and cycle road planning, transportation logistics facility- related planning, traffic effect evaluation and analysis and consulting.

The most representative projects done are establishment of transportation connection of Gyeongbu high-speed railway, doing feasibility research and plan, traffic management plan for Sejong road, improvement of transit system for the public transportation, traffic management solution within Gimpo Airport Site, establishment of national highway transportation network and feasibility research and basic planning for new transportation methods introduction.


1. Urban Transportation Primary Plan

2. T.S.M

3. T.I.P

4. Public Transportation and Bicycle Roads

5. Traffic and Distribution Facility

6. Analysis of Traffic Effects

7. Consulting for Urban Planning, Roads, Railways, Harbour, Airports

8. Development and Improvement of I.T.S

Development of Tourism Complex(Et.Busan)
BRT(Bus Tapid Transit)-Susaek RO~Sungsan RO

Transit transfer system for Sejong Street

Network construction of Gyeongbu KTX