City is a main stage for human activities. The modern cities, where various activities related to economy, consumption and entertainment are being carried out, should have the optimal plan with the most reasonable processes and procedures.

For the establishment of efficient city plans and the development of national land, it executes city planning, development feasibility study and analysis, master planning, new city development planning, complex planning and relevant detailed design planning.

The most representative examples are city basic plan for Seoul city and Daejeon city, Jeonggwan Site Development, Sihwa area, Asan Baebang new town, Development Plan for Sanggye, Yeongdeungpo, Garibong New Town, Assignment a Promoted revision plan district in Bucheon, Daejeon Hak-ha area, Namyangjoo Byeolnae district, Space center Research Institute and special District Yongin-Jukjeon area.


1. Feasibility Study

2. Master Plan

3. Urban Planning

4. Urban Redevelopment Plan

5. New Town Development Plan

6. Residential/ Industrial/ Multi Complex Plan

7. Site Planning
  - Waterworks and Sewerage, Rain Control
  - Roads and Pavements Design
  - Earthworks Plan, Structure Design
  - Budget Draw-up, Specification, Construction Schedule Management

Saemangeum Industrial Complex
Mokdong APT Reconstruction Masterplan

Revision planning
for Se-un

Asan Baebang New town
Al Ghadeer Project
Northern An Khan Splendora Master Plan
The Multifuncition administrative city
Osong Bio Valley Masterplan