The road is a main driver to initiate the development of human beings.

Ranging from natural spontaneous and primitive roads to current highways, roads serve as key axis in economic, political and cultural functions.

SUNJIN is seeking balanced development of a national land through a variety of projects including road planing, construction and management, feasibility research, basic and working plan, feasibility study for privateinvested business, GIS building business, road simulation and SOC business.

Busan~Daegu highway and Gyeongbu highway are representative achievements.


1. Roads Design and Construction Management

2. Feasibility Study, Design Development

3. Construction Document for City and Rural Roads

4. Highways and Interchange Design

5. Feasibility Study for SOC Business

6. GIS Development

7. Bird-Eye-View Drawing

8. Computer Road Simulation

Seoul Beltway(Jido~Byuckje)
Gyeongbu High Speed Railway

Busan~Daegu Highway

Yongin~Seongnam National Road