Water is the orgin of life and the most important resource affecting the quality of life. The 20th century is featured by oil, while the 21st century is featured by water. Accordingly, Water is foundation for the competitiveness of nation.

To ensure the supply of Precious, clean water and its post-treatment, SUNJIN provides Master Plan, facility planning, feasibility study, consulting service and Social overhead capital for water supply and sewage facility, water purification plant, distribution reservoir, water pipe(raw water/transmission/distribution pipe), sewage treatment, sewerage pump and prevention facility of flood damage.

The representative projects done are sewer system of seoul city, Suwon city, Incheon city and Yeongi-gun, Daejeon Science Business Complex Industrial water facility and Seonam Sewage Treatment Plant with 2.0million ton of capacity.


1. Waterworks Planning, Design, and Consulting Service

2. Schematic Design of Water Supply, and Facilities Design

3. Planning and Design of Water Collection Station, Water Purifying Station, Drainage System

4. Planning and Design of Water Pipe, Drainage Pipe Design

5. Sewage Treatment Plan and Facilities Design

6. Planning and Design of Wastewater Relay Pump Station,
Sewage Treatment Plant

7. Design of Leakage Prevention System

8. GIS Development for Waterworks and Sewage

9. Feasibility Studies and Consulting, Design Service for Machinery,
Electricity, Instrumentation

Seonam Sewage Treatment Plant
Seonam STP Improvement works

Gajwa Sewage Treatment Plant

Arisu Water Purification Center