Introduction of Overseas Business


The wave of globalization and the saturation of the domestic market have brought the era of infinite competition around the world, where borders have become meaningless. Our rich and extensive international project records, which have been achieved based on experiences and achievements from overseas since the 1980s, have been leading the way with the highest level of technology and design competitiveness, and have made invaluable achievements in the Southeast Asia, Middle East, Central and South America, and Africa.

SUNJIN established SUNJIN-VIETNAM JVC in 2004 as the first Korean engineering firm to establish a local subsidiary overseas. Since then, we expanded to other countries and established more subsidiaries, branch offices and project offices in Myanmar, Laos, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Bolivia and Libya to create new values based on strategic partnerships with global engineering companies in more than 30 countries in Japan, China, Russia, US and more.

We are globally recognized for our expertise in performing in international markets based on our extensive project experiences in projects funded by international donor agencies such as EDCF, KOICA, WB, WB and AfdB. We will continue to develop global mindset and expand our presence in the world in a wide variety of services from CM, CS to project development in civil engineering and architectural projects.

Overseas Business
Civil Engineering
- Waterworks & Sewerage
- Water Resources
- Environmental Energy
- Land Planning
- Landscape and Resort
- Road & Highways, Railway, Transportation Planning, Structural Engineering, Geotechnical and Tunnel Engineering, Electric Power
- Civil Engineering CM
- Architectural Construction
- Public·Office Offce
- Educational·Healthcare
- Mixed-Use·Industrial
- Residential·Hospitality
- Commercial·Leisure
- Asian Development Bank (BUSINESS)
- World Bank (BUSINESS)