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 Water Resources

The Water Resources Department delivers various consulting services such as planning, design and evaluation for river environment, dam, hydropower and disaster prevention projects.

We have completed major projects such as “Natural Channel Design for Gwangju, Hakui, Seongnae Streams”, “Impact Analysis on Multi-purpose Dams (Soyanggang Dam, Andong Dam)”, “Design for Saemangeum Bank Revetment (Package 3,Dongjin)”, ”Design for Heightening of the Embankments at Jangseong Dam“ and ”Comprehensive Flood Reduction Plan in Seoul (Yongsan-gu, Eunpyeong-gu, etc.)“.

In terms of experience working overseas, we have provided “Feasibility Study on Green Growth Master Plan” and “Len & Hoang Mai River Water Resources Development Project” in Vietnam.

We are committed to create water environment that are safe, sustainable, and harmonious with humans and nature.

Water Resources Business
Basic Plan
- Watershed flood control Comprehensive Plan
- river maintenance basic plan
- Small river maintenance comprehensive plan
preliminary and detailed design
- River environment maintenance project
- Improvement of flood-stricken areas
- Ecological river development project
- Flood disaster recovery project
Disaster prevention field
- Natural disaster reduction comprehensive plan
- Disaster effect evaluation
- Natural disaster danger zone maintenance PJ
- Disaster recovery business analysis&evaluation
- Design of Rainwater Pump station
- Emergency Action Plan
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