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Construction of Gangnam Circulation Urban Expressway

Civil Engineering Construction Management

The highly qualified experts of the Civil Engineering Construction Management Department carry out CM services in roads, urban planning, parks, river maintenance, water supply, sewerage and many more sectors based on their rich onsite experience.

We have provided our services and completed the 3rd Sudokwon landfill, Gangnam Beltway, Seobinggo elevated bridge and Gangbyeon Expressway rehabilitation, safety facility expansion in Gimhae International Airport, infrastructure in Incheon International Airport (IBC-2), Daedeok Techno Valley, Space Center development and currently providing services for Seoul Jemulpo Tunnel (Package 2), National Highway No., 15 (Seopyongtaek-Pyongtaek), Jeongan river maintenance, Yongin water treatment plant, Seogwipo sewerage treatment plant expansion and Suwon sewerage network maintenance.

We implement quality and risk managements and process control which are key to hazard free construction sites in every stage of construction and strive to provide our the clients with services which meet and exceed their expectations and maximize projects’ business impacts.

Civil Engineering Construction Management Business
Sewage System
-Water and Sewage CM
-Sewage and wastewater 
treatment plant CM
-Water purification plant CM
-Lagoons, drainage pumping stations CM
Road &Airport
- Expressway, National highway, 
Local roadEstablished construction, 
expansion and pavement construction CM
- Bridges and structures CM
- Tunnel CM
- Airport infrastructure CM
National land &River
- Establishment of foundation and 
complex construction CM
- River disaster prevention CM
- Ecological river construction 
(restoration) business CM
- River environment maintenance business CM
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