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The Road Division provides a wide range of consulting services from survey, planning, design, construction management and value engineering services (pre-feasibility study, feasibility study, master plan, basic and detailed designs, turn-key designs, private investment projects, EPCM, PPP, etc.) for roads and airports.

With invaluable knowledge and experience we gained over the past half a century, we have successfully carried out both domestic and international projects including feasibility studies and master plans for “Improvement Plan of National Corridor”, “Outer Ring-Road of Metropolitan Area”, “Underground Eastern Expressway” and “Design Plan for Yecheon Airport”, basic and detailed designs for “West Coast Expressway (Ansan-Iljik)”, “Gimpo Expressway (Poonggok-Unyang)”, “Paju-Pocheon Exressway (Package 2)”. “National Flight Test Center”, T/K and design proposals for “2nd Sudokwon Ring Road (Hwado-Yangpyeong)”, “The Administrative City Road No. 1 Detour”, “Infrastructure of Sacheon Airport”, private investment projects such as “Western Inland Expressway (Package 6)”, “Expressway (Gochon-Wolgot)”, “Link Road (Yongin-Seongnam)”, construction supervision and VE for National Highway (Gigye-Andong1), Entry Ramp to Masan Port (Package 2), National Highway (Dansan-Buseoksa) and projects overseas such as “Feasibility Study on Rehabilitation of National Road No. 48 in Cambodia”, “Detailed Design for Bus Rapid Transit Line-3 Corridor in Dhaka”, “Padma Bridge Construction Supervision in Bangladesh”, “Construction Supervision for Regional Roads Development Project in Uzbekistan.”

We strive to create a happier future of people by designing a road plan that helps communications between neighboring towns and balanced regionals developments, going beyond simple physical infrastructures.

Roads & Highways Business
Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design
- Route Comparison and Traffic analysis
- Economic analysis
- Policy analysis
- Regional development analysis
- Project implementation analysis
- Evaluation of investment priority 
- Financing and Sharing plan
- Evaluation of project investment and duration
Basic & Detailed Design
- Feasibility study and preliminary design
- Review site condition and related plans
- Consultation of related organizations and 
   technical consulting
- Optimal route selection
- Implementation of various impact 
   assessments (Traffic, Environment, Etc.)
- Various surveying(Topo, Soil, Etc.)
- Selecting structure & pavement type
- Public consultation(Traffic, Environment, Etc.)
- Making all deliverables(Drawings, Bill of
   Quantity, Breakdown, Etc.)
T/K & Private Capital Investment
□ Turn key based design(T/K)
- Design and construction integration contract
- Value engineering of structural design
- Estimate optimal project period and cost estimation
□ Private capital investment
- Providing Efficient infrastructure at various type
  (BTO, BOT, BTL, etc.)
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