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TThe Railway Department provides rail engineering consultancy from survey, planning, design to construction supervision and management in urban and intercity railways, high-speed railways as well as underground subways.

Our service involves subway designs such as “Roadbed of Bundang Line (Jukjeon-Bojeong)”, “New Ansan Line (Package 2)”, “Gimpo Urban Railway (Package 5)”, railway designs such as “Gyeongbu High Speed Rail (Package 6)”, “Honam High Speed Rail (Package 7)”, “Sudokwon High Speed Rail (Package 2)”, rapid transit railway designs such as “Donghae Line (Wonnam-Wooljin, Package 11)”, “Joongang Line (Dodam-Youngcheon, Package 1)”, and other construction management services such as “Seoul Metro (Package 922)”, “Metro (Wonju-Gangreung, Package 1)” and “Sudokwon High Speed Railway (1-1), (1-2)”.

Also, the consulting services are ongoing such as basic design of underground subway (Indeokwon-Dongtan, Package 2, 3) and construction management for Railway (Icheon-Chungju, Package 5), Railway (Pohang-Samcheok, Package 16, 17), Railway (Busan-Ulsan, Package 5) and Shinlim Light Rail Line (Package 1).

Based on our rich and extensive experience, we will pursue to contribute to national rail transport and serve clients with best service.

Railroad Business Business
High Speed Rail
- A New transportation culture 
  creation of a half-day life 
  span  across the country.
Conventional Railway
- Contribute to the subsistence of     
  railroads by transporting passengers 
  and cargo to different parts of the 
Urban Rapid Transit
- Connects urban areas and 
  adjacent cities.
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