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Transportation Planning

Improvement of transportation management plan, transit system of public transportation in Sejongno

Transportation Planning

The Transportation Planning Department participates in various fields such as Urban Transportation Master Plan, Transportation System Management (TSM), Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), Public Transportation and Bicycle Road Planning, Master Planning for Transportation Logistics Facilities and Traffic Impact Evaluation.

The consulting services of Urban Transportation Master Plans for Gwangyang City and Pyeongtaek City, Detailed Design for accident-prone area in Gangnam of Seoul, Interregional Transport Improvement Plan (Gimpo City, Baegot New City, Hwanghae Free Economic Zone, Gwangmyung Soha, Dongbusan Tourism Zone), Traffic Impact Assessment (Double-track railway between Iksan and Shinli, road construction between Imcheon and Ganggyeong), Traffic Improvement Design for Urban Rehabilitation fo Seoul, Regional Public Transport Plan (Gimpo City, Seongnam City) and ITS and Electric Bus Implementation Plan in Bhutan are good examples of the professional services we provided.

In line with sustainable transportation and low-carbon green growth, the Transportation Planning Department is focusing on developing eco-friendly public transportation and green transportation systems. Also, our experts actively participate in international projects in the fields of ITS, BRT, tram, magnetic levitation train and many more to identify and resolve growing transportation problems in the world using cutting-edge technologies as a global leader.

Transportation Business
Urban Transportation Master Plan
- road network plan
- Public Transportation System  improvement plan
- Parking improvement
- Traffic Flow and Transportation System  Improvement
- Transportation system Evaluation
- Investment Project Cost Estimation
- Economic Evaluation 
- Investment Project Plan and the Financing Plan
Public Transportation and Bicycle Road Planning
- Improvement and expansion of Public Transportation and Facilities
- Public Transportation Operating System Improvement
- Promoting Public Transportation and improving services
- Investment Project Plan and the Financing Plan
- Bicycle Road Network Establishment
- Bicycle Activation Plan
- Bicycle project promotion plan and the Financing Plan
Transportation System Management(TSM)
- Intersection Improvement
- Road network improvement
- Improvement of Traffic System on the Arterial Road 
- congested road section Stereoscopicization 
- Structural Improvement of Hazardous Road
- Accident Point Improvement
Traffic Impact Evaluation
- improving the entry and exit routes
- Road and Intersection Improvement
- Pedestrian and Bicycle Road Improvement 
- Public Transportation Improvement
- Traffic Safety Improvement 
- Traffic calming
- Parking Improvement
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