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Structural Engineering

Performance improvement work of Yanghwa Bridge

Structural Engineering

The Structural Engineering Department provides structural design, supervision, technical assistance and VE services in the fields of various infrastructures from roads, railways, bridges, subway, urban design, waterworks, sewerage and water resources.

It has been recognized for its high technology by performing services for Yanghwa Bridge improvements, Saemangeum waterproof bank (Mangyeong Package 5), Sangjoo-Yeongdeok Expressway (Package 16), Honam High Speed Railway (Package 7), and Busan Metro Line 3. We are currently providing basic design for Indeokwon-Dongtan double-track railway (Package 2, 3), design supervision and VE for Sadeung-Jangpyeong1 and technical assistance in various construction sites.

The Structural Department will continue to endeavor to play a leading role in the field of Civil Structure Engineering with its best technology and the best design system.

Structural Engineering Business
Design of bridges & General structure
- Cable supported bridge, Typical bridge,
    Sidewalk overpass
- Complex, Water supply and sewage, 
    Waterresources construction
Design of underground structure
- Subway (subway station platform, 
   cut-and-cover tunnel) and 
   Underground driveway
- Electric culvert, Cable tunnel, 
  Common duct, Underground 
  parking lot
Design supervision & Design consultation
- Design supervision & Design V.E.
- Construction supervision support in 
  Structure field & Design consultation
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