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Geotechnical and Tunnel Engineering

Design of Highway Railway(SUSEO~PYEONGTAEK) (Yulyeon tunnel)

Geotechnical and Tunnel Engieering

Geotechnical and Tunnel Engineering Dept. has successfully completed various design and underground safety impact assessments in roads/railway tunnels, soft soil, structure basis, slope face, dam and bank.

We have implemented projects such as the Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit (SRT), Yulhyeon Tunnel (L= 50.32Km), Daegwallyeong Tunnel (L= 21.775km) which is the second longest tunnel in the artery of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, improvement of soft ground the Sihwa and Saemangeum and ground design of the Seoul Metropolitan Landfill which is the largest landfill in Asia.

Based on the technology and experience accumulated over half a century, we offer the best consulting services in soil and foundation of infrastructure to lay a foundation for "Global 100 year SUNJIN",

Geotechnical and Tunnel Engieering Business
Soil and Foundation
- Geotechnical investigation
- Soft ground design
- Slope stability and reinforcement design
- Structure foundation design
- Temporary structure design
- Hydraulic structure stability assessment
Under ground
- Road and Railway tunnel design
- The tunnel design of mechanization(Shield TBM)
- Water tunnel design
- Underground electric power tunnel design
Assessment of Underground Safety influence / Post underground safety influence investigation
- Infra underground facility
- Private and Public structure
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