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Electric Power

Sin-Bupyung # 2 1,2 section construction

Electric Power

The Electric Power Department is specialized in design and construction management for underground transmission and distribution (T&D) cable projects.

We have provided design services for underground cables in Dobong (Changdong-Banghak) in Seoul and residential areas in Incheon and construction management in various regions including Yeongdo (Nambusan-Yeongdo) and Jingu (Dongbusan-Seomyun) in Busan, Gwangjin-Joongrang (Hwayang-Sangbong) in Seoul, Deokyang (Samsong), Seogu (Gyeongin Arabaetgil) in Incheon, Eastern Ulsan 345kV Substation and Changwon 345kV Substation.

Currently, we are carrying out construction management for undergrounding T&D cables in the western part of Seoul metropolitan area (Sinbupyeong Package 2: Yeongseo) and tunnel-type structure construction for submarine HVDC power cable in Dangjin-Pyongtaek which is the first and longest in Korea.

We are committed to providing stable electrical power supply and pleasant residential environment to people living in urban and suburban areas.

Electric Power Business
Design & CM of underground transmission・distribution cable projects
- Power cable box culvert & duct
- Power cable tunnel & shaft
Power plant & Substaion supervision
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