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Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment of North Chungju Industrial Complex Plan

Environmental Assessment

The Environmental Assessment Department takes pride in leading the market for environmental impact assessments on urban planning, industrial complex, roads and railway construction.

The project experiences such as railways (Chooncheon-Sokcho), supersonic sled testing facility, EIA for Yeongcheon Hi-tech facility and Post-EIA for Sudokwon Landfill show that the wealth of experience and outstanding technologies which set us apart from others in executing projects in the railway, military and waste sectors.

We also consistently challenge ourselves and expand our business into other areas such as the 2nd Jeju Airport, Hamyang-Hapcheon Expressway, Bio-energy facilities, river improvement plans and the Saemangeum Floating Photovoltaic power generation project which is the largest of its kind in Korea. As your technical partner, we ensure to meet the needs of our clients through providing innovative and competent solutions that are environmentally and socially sustainable.

Environmental Impact Assessment
- Strategic EIA
- EIA & Mini EIA
- Post-EIA
Environmental design
- Noise prediction and assessment
- Soundproofing wall design
Environmental consultation
- Environmental location analysis
- Provide solutions customized for 
   The environmental civil complaints
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