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Renewable Energy

Design & License for Floating PV Power Generation(2.1GW) and 345kV Grid Connection Facility in Saemangeum

Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy Department has vast experience in the field of preparation of feasibility studies, project development, licensing & permits, design, supervision and EPC services on electric power system and renewable energy such as ESS and solar and wind power generation.

We have successfully conducted solar power generation projects across the country in Uljin, Namhae, Seosan, Chuncheon, Samcheon and Boeun, to name a few and ESS design and supervision for ESS in Saemangeum Hatbitnuri, Yeongyang Wind Power (GS), Hanhwa and Korea Ayeon (150MWh, the largest in Korea).

Also design for the Saemangeum solar power, which is the largest solar power project in Korea, and construction supervision for 500kV transmission lines in Myanmar are in progress.

We will continue to expand our business into other renewable energy projects including fuel cell and EPC projects.

Renewable Energy Business
Renewable Energy
- Solar power plant
- Fuel cell
- Wind power plant
- Waste-to-Energy plan
- Energy Storage System
- Power transmission line & Subststion facility
- Renewable Energy project deveiopment & Supervision
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