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Public Buildings

The Architecture (Public) Division has been implementing various projects from government entities such as Local province buildings, Courts, Ministry of Justice, the national defense and science institute and etc.

Especially the division has carried out projects such as the Blue House, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office, Dae-gu District Court Office, Seobu Branch Office of Dae-gu District Court, Eunpyeong Museum of History, Gangseo District Tax Office, Gyeongbuk Forest Museum, Taebaek Museum of Coal, Armed Forces Gangju Hospital, KT&G raw material factory, Branch office of KT&G Office, Incheon Jungbu Police station, Historical and Culture Center of jurisdiction and the headquarter of Korea Industrial Complex Corporation.

We are going to make our best efforts on construction of national infrastructures by organizing the specialized design teams with experience and know-how in conceptual, schematic, detailed designs and planning in preference to designs, safety, and economic feasibility.

Public Buildings Design
Public Facilities
- Court
- Embassy
- Police office
- Post Office
- Library
- Correctional Facility
- Government Office
Office Buildings
- Museum
- Exhibition center
- Cultural facilities
- Library
- Art gallery
공공 의료시설
- Public hospital
- Public medical center
- Public cancer center
- Public hospice facility
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