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Private and Commercial Buildings


Private and Commercial Buildings

Architecture (Private) Division offers superior solutions on basis of experience in feasibility studies, design, and post-construction management in a verity of contexts. Teams with specialized skill sets and experience are formed to ensure the best solutions to offices, hotel/resort, commercial knowledge centres, and commercial/leisure facilities are provided to our clients.

Domestic projects such as the Woori Bank HQ, the Noryangjin Fisheries Market Modernization Project, the Garak Market Modernization Project, the O-Biz Tower, the E&C Venture Dream Tower, the Daereung Post Tower, the Ace Techno Tower, the Geumgang Hi-Tech Valley, the Fantasion Resort, the Samsung-dong Hotel, the Yongpyeong Resort, Bucheon University, the Dongtan Knowledge Industry Center, the Seoul IFC building, the SK Telecom building in Bundang, and the Gwacheon Government Complex 6 Block are some of the examples we have successfully carried out in the private sector.

We will endeavor to realize the dreams of our clients and maximize their value by providing a total solution that is inclusive of a complete process from planning and design to post construction management.

Private and Commercial Buildings Design
Mixed-Use Facilities
- Office & Commercial
- Residential & Office
- Parking Spaces & Retails
- TOD (Transit-Oriented Development)
Industrial Facilities
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- Warehouse and Storage Buildings
- Logistics  Facilities
Commercial and Leisure Facilities
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