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Residential Buildings


Residential Buildings

The design of residential facilities should promote the growth of a city's value. Our team vigorously analyze the given site to design such facilities that meet the demands of clients by utilizing an abundance of experience in residential building designs and urban rehabilitation.

We are currently carrying out various projects such as the luxurious residential complex in Gangnam, Seoul; a residential-commercial complex in Busan, the Busan Dormitory Building, an affordable apartment in Guwol, an apartment in Guri, the World Meridian apartment in Maegok-dong, Ulsan; a 3-9 block site in Dongtan, Hwaseong; a city-style house in Samsong, Goyang; and housing in the Gwangjin Paragon.

Our aim is to grow the quality of life for the residents by offering design solutions that will parallel the demands of the future.

Residential Buildings Design
Residential buildings
- High-rise condominium
- Apartment
- Town house
- Retirement village
- Residential-commercial mixed use
Hospitality buildings
- Hotel
- Resort
- Dormitory
- Serviced Apartment
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