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Global Design

The Global Design Division has continued to propose innovative solutions based on experience on both domestic and international urban design and construction.
In particular, their diversified competitiveness has been recognized through their current work on large scale facilities complex, research and work facilities; accommodation; and a variety of international projects funded by ODA on medical, education, private facilities, government complex and military data facility.
The Gwacheon SmartK Platform office facilitiy, Gwacheon 5-3 block JW Innosquare, the Islamabad IT Park in Pakistan, FED KAOC in Osan are some of the successful projects currently in progress.
The members of the Global Design Division come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and work diligently to bank an abundance of innovative ideas which realize into success on the construction space.

Global Design
Cultural Facilities
- Large-scale Mixed-use
- Research center
- Hospitality facilities
Healthcare Facilities
- ROK-US CFC building
- Defense intelligence building
- World Bank
- ODA funded project
- Overseas private building
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