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    SUNJIN Engineering & Architecture Co.,Ltd.


    CEO Bae, Sung Jin


    June 16, 1975



  • Personnel Status

    Registered professional engieers 151 Registered architects 16 civil engineer 541 authorized architect and builder 101 Industrial Engineer etc 188

BIRTH STAGE 1975~1987

When economic growth poised to accelerate and the culture of modern residence was gradually mature in the middle of 1970’s, SUNJIN first started under the name of Sinhanyang Research Lab of Architectural Technology. It laid foundations for the expansion to various areas and prepared overseas business for future during the time, including the acquisition of licenses for a general architect office and overseas constructions. In 1985, its trade name was changed into Sunjin Engineering & Architecture Co., Ltd. In addition, it has shown great performance from its entry into overseas businesses around the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Nigeria and Libya among others.

  • 1975
    Founded, Sinhanyang Research Lab of Architectural Technology
  • 1978
    Founded, Hangyang Engineering Co.,Ltd
  • 1979
    Engineering Service Registration
  • 1980
    General Architecture Registration
    Certification of International Contractor
  • 1983
    General Construction Engineering & Professional Engineering Service Registration
  • 1984
    Renamed, SUNJING Engineering Co., Ltd
    Professional Construction Business License Acquired
  • 1985
    Renamed, SUNJIN Engineering & Architecture Co., Ltd.
  • 1986
    Seoul City Construction Award (Gold) - Seoul Investment Finance Headquarters
GROWTH STAGE 1988~1999

During these times, SUNJIN continued its overseas activities around Pakistan and Saudi Arabia among others, and carrying out projects in various areas through the business diversification in our country. For the purpose of such activities, it has made main efforts to gradually expend its activities for the registration of overseas construction services, designation as a company for the environmental impact assessment, registration of a design company for waste treatment facilities, registration of a company for facility construction in the equipment, civil engineering, water supply and/or sewer, and registration of a company specialized in the general construction supervision among others.
Also, SUNJIN established a company annex research center based on accumulated know-how and systemized service methods in a reasonable way by acquiring ISO quality system certificates.

  • 1989
    Overseas Construction Service Business Registration
  • 1991
    Environment Impact Evaluation Service Registration
    Presidential Award - Landfill Construction
  • 1993
    Waste Management Design & Construction Service Registration
    Waste Supply and Waste Water Construction Works Registration
    Engineering Business Registration
    Traffic Impact Evaluation Service Registration
    Energy Consumption Planner Registration
  • 1994
    General Land Survey Business Registration
  • 1996
    Fire-Proof Design Service Registration
    Established Technology R&D Institute
    Design Supervision Business Registration
  • 1997
    Electrical Facility Design & Supervision Registration
    ISO 9001 Certificate Acquired
    Presidential Award - Guri Agricultural & Fisheries Market

SUNJIN built systems of the ‘Total Solution Provider’ across the entire areas in the architecture and engineering based on its achievements and experiences. Also, SUNJIN achieved the Presidential prize and Prime Minister prize which prove its advancement and development once again. In addition, the company mainly addressed its independent entry to overseas markets and prepared a turning point for the global SUNJIN by establishing SUNJIN Vietnam Joint Venture Company, SUNJIN Libya Joint Venture Company, a local company in Laos, a joint venture company in Abu Dhabi, and a branch in Dubai.

  • 2000
    Relocation of SUNJIN Office Building
  • 2001
    Prime Minister’s Award - Central Training Center for Teenagers
    Disaster Impact Assessment Service Registration
  • 2002
    Population Impact Assessment Service Registration
  • 2004
    Founded, SUNJIN-Vietnam Joint Venture Co.,Ltd.
  • 2007
    ISO 14001 Certificate Acquired
    Founded, SUNJIN LAO Co., Ltd
  • 2008
    Founded, SUNJIN Libya Engineering Joint Company
  • 2009
    Minister of Land, Transport & Marine Affairs Award
    Korean Architecture Award Hwaseong Dongtan Bando/World APT
  • 2010
    Founded, SUNJIN E&A Middle East, LCC
  • 2011
    Labor-Management Culture Awards - Minister of Employment and Labor
  • 2012
    Korean Architecture Award World Meridian World City
  • 2013
    Prime Minister’s Award - Naro Space Center
    Founded, NSS Myanmar
    Founded, Bangladesh Representative Office
2nd GROWTH STAGE 2014~Now

SUNJIN, which has grown up as a general architect office for the large-scale engineering, and dreaming of better future based on long experience and know-how.
SUNJIN continue to pursue global General Designs and Consulting Services Company, it will continue its stable growth through the creation of synergic effects using the intensification and efficient integration of specialties. The endless challenges of SUNJIN as a value creator will become the best company by discovering and achieving potential value to create a brighter tomorrow.

  • 2014
    Global P300 Project Certificate
    Certificate of Green Remodeling Design Firm
    The Presidential Commission on Architecture Policy Award
  • 2015
    SUNJIN ranked 155th among International Design Firms selected by “ENR”(USA)
    SUNJIN ranked 40th in 2015 World Architecture 100 by Building Design(Eng)
  • 2016
    Minister of Land, Transport & Maritime Affairs Award
    Korean Architecture Award Multi-unit dwelling 1st prize (LH gangnam Hilstate)
  • 2017
    Relocation of SUNJIN Office Building - Pyeongchon, Anyang-City, Gyeonggi-do
    Awarded The Master Plan for South Saad Al Abdullah New Town in Kuwait
  • 2018
    Awarded Saemangeum Solar Power Generation Project
    Awarded FED KAOC (US Army Operations Command) project
    Introduced innovative "comprehensive information system“
  • 2019
    Awarded Establishment of Kenya Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Project
    Awarded Pakistan IT Park construction project
    Confirmed office relocation to Gwacheon Office (design currently in progress)

The Meaning of SUNJIN's Corporate Identity New Values_ Creation, Takeoff, Future

  • Main Symbol

  • Concept

    The meaning of SUNJIN's CI: New values_ Creation, Takeoff, Future Dynamic style of handwriting signifies catapulting into the world.
    Expressed creative image of the company through usage of orange color appropriate for global trend.
    2 'n' that have been emhasized are the initials of the terms "now & new" and symbolizes creation of "new" future value on the foundation of present ("now").

  • Color

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