ENGINEERING Water Sewerage

Preliminary Design for Sewer network of Han River

ClientDaewoo E&C Co. Ltd


LocationGwangju, Yongin, Korea

Scale Project Area : 5,430ha
New sewer network : 209㎞
Exisiting : Entire Repairing_L=3.4㎞, Partial Repairing : 10,435ea
House-connection : 13,982ea

The objective is to enhance the efficiency of public sewage treatment facilities by establishing new sewerage crossings in the upstream area of Jamsil Submerged Weir (on the Han River, near Palgongho), reducing infiltration and inflow in existing sewerage crossings, and minimizing leakage. This aims to maximize the functionality of sewage crossings and promote a pleasant living environment. Additionally, the goal is to improve the maintenance and management system of the sewage crossings.

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