선진은 엔지니어링과 도시, 건축, CM, 감리의 전부문을 아우르는 포트폴리오와 전문가들을 보유하고 분야별 전문성 강화와 유기적 협력체계
구축을 통해 차별화된 경쟁력을 갖추고 있습니다.

  • 라이센스

    • 건설기술용역업

      Licensed for Construction Engineering
    • 공공측량업

      Licensed Agency for Land Survey
    • 공공하수도 관리대행업(하수관로)

      Licensed Agency for Public Sewerage System Management
    • 공공하수도 기술진단전문기관

      Licensed Agency for Public Sewerage Technological Diagnosis
    • 교통영향평가 대행자

      Licensed Agency for Traffic Impact Assessment
    • 교통투자평가 대행자

      Licensed Agency for Traffic Investment Assessment
    • 기업부설연구소

      Registered Affiliated Research Institute
    • 방재안전대책수립대행자

      Licensed Agency for Establishment for Disaster Protection
    • 부동산 개발업

      Licensed Agency for Real Estate Development
    • 산림기술용역업

      Licensed Agency for Forest Engineering
    • 산업디자인 전문회사

      Certification of Industrial Design Firm
    • 소프트웨어사업자

      Licensed Agency for Software Business
    • 엔지니어링 사업자

      Licensed Engineering Contactor
    • 일반교통안전진단기관

      Licensed for Traffic Safety Assessment
    • 전력시설물종합감리업

      Licensed for Construction Supervision of Electrical Facility
    • 전력시설물종합설계

      Licensed for Design of Electrical Facilities
    • 전문소방공사 감리업

      Licensed Agency for Supervision of Fire Fighting Construction
    • 전문소방시설 설계업

      Licensed for Design of Fire Fighting Facility
    • 정비사업전문관리업

      Licensed Agency for Improvement of Urban &Residential Environment
    • 종합감리전문회사

      Licensed Agency for Supervision
    • 종합건축사사무소

      Architectural Design License
    • 지하수개발이용시공업

      Licensed for Groundwater Development
    • 지하수영향조사기관

      Licensed for Impact Assessment on Ground Water
    • 지하안전영향평가 전문기관

      Licensed Agency for Underground Safety Impact Assessment
    • 학술연구용역

      Licensed Agency for Academic Research
    • 해외건설업(건설엔지니어링업)

      Certification of International Contractor
    • 환경영향평가 대행자

      Licensed Agency for Environmental Impact Assessment
    • 환경전문공사업(수질)

      Licensed Environmental Sub-Contractor (Water Treatment)
    • 환경컨설팅 전문회사

      Licensed Agency for Environmental Consulting
  • 신기술, 특허

    신기술 3건 특허 62건
    • 제649호

    • 제692호

    • 제778호

  • ISO

    • ISO9001


    • ISO10002


    • ISO14001


    • ISO45001