SUNJIN owns a diversified portfolio of projects in Engineering, Urban Design, Architecture and Construction Management with committed professionals and experts whose provide collaborated works among disciplines that consequently delivers differentiated competitiveness to the customer.

  • License

    • Architectural Design License

    • Certification of Industrial Design Firm

    • Certification of International Contractor

    • Licensed Agency for Academic Research

    • Licensed Agency for Environmental Consulting

    • Licensed Agency for Environmental Impact Assessment

    • Licensed Agency for Establishment for Disaster Protection

    • Licensed Agency for Forest Engineering

    • Licensed Agency for Improvement of Urban &Residential Environment

    • Licensed Agency for Land Survey

    • Licensed Agency for Public Sewerage System Management

    • Licensed Agency for Public Sewerage Technological Diagnosis

    • Licensed Agency for Real Estate Development

    • Licensed Agency for Software Business

    • Licensed Agency for Supervision

    • Licensed Agency for Supervision of Fire Fighting Construction

    • Licensed Agency for Traffic Impact Assessment

    • Licensed Agency for Traffic Investment Assessment

    • Licensed Agency for Underground Safety Impact Assessment

    • Licensed Engineering Contactor

    • Licensed Environmental Sub-Contractor (Water Treatment)

    • Licensed for Construction Engineering

    • Licensed for Construction Supervision of Electrical Facility

    • Licensed for Design of Electrical Facilities

    • Licensed for Design of Fire Fighting Facility

    • Licensed for Groundwater Development

    • Licensed for Impact Assessment on Ground Water

    • Licensed for Traffic Safety Assessment

    • Registered Affiliated Research Institute

  • New Technoloy Patents

    3 New Technoloies 62 Patents
    • No.649

    • No.692

    • No.778

  • ISO

    • ISO9001

      Quality Management System

    • ISO10002

      Customer Stisfaction Management System

    • ISO14001

      Environment Management System

    • ISO45001

      Occupational Health and Safety Management System