ENGINEERING Water Sewerage

Preliminary Design and Detailed Design for Installation of WWTP(Wonsando, Seongju)

ClientBoryoung City


LocationBoryoung, Korea

Scale Construction of WWTP in Wonsando (Q= 600㎥/day) and sewer (L=15.6km)
Expansion of WWTP in Seongju (Q=700㎥/day)

The objective is to establish the basic and detailed designs for the installation of public sewage treatment facilities and pipelines to collect and adequately treat various wastewater generated in the Wonseondo-ri area of Ocheon-myeon and to increase the capacity of the Seongju public sewage treatment facility. This aims to ensure compliance with the legal discharge water quality standards within the treatment area, improve water quality in the discharge area, and enhance public health and hygiene.

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