Job Description


  • Water

    Survey, planning, and design in Waterworks, Sewerage and Water Resource Development Agency for disaster management measures and rural drainage improvement Mechanical and electrical design

  • Energy

    Renewable Energy (solar, geothermal, marine, wind, bio, etc) Fuel cells and energy storage devices

  • Plant

    Landfill, incineration and ancillalry facilities, EPC Related consulting services such as offshore plants and overseas plants

  • EIA

    Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Design, Consulting Service in Environment

  • Transport

    Structural Design for Road, Rail, Airport, Port, and Tunnel Traffic Impact Assessment, Soiil Investigation and Design Underground Safety Impact Assessment

  • Urban

    Urban Planning (Framework, Management, District Unit Planning) Urban Design (Residential, Industrial, Distribution Complex, Regeneration)

  • Landscape

    Design of national parks, nature parks and city parks Planning and Design of Resorts, Integrated Resorts, Golf Courses, Ski Resorts, and etc.

  • Power

    Design and Supervision of Power Facilities

  • CM

    Construction Engineering and Management


  • Design

    Architectural Design(Government, Private, and Overseas), Subsidiary Design of Electrical, Communication, and Fire Protection

  • CM

    Architectgural Construction Management


  • Safety Management

    Compliance with safety regulations, Establishment of detailed action plans, On-site inspections and prevention of serious disaster

  • Business Management

    HR, Legal Affairs, General Affairs, Outsourcing, Finance, Accounting, Contracts, Bidding, PQ, Planning, IT, PR

  • Global Business Marketing

    Verify Market Demands and Client Needs, Collect Project Information and Build Local Network, Prepare Proposals and Review Contracts