• 01

    Child Education Support

    Providing education financial assistance for employees' children (kindergarten to college student, no limit on the number of children)

  • 02

    Medical Assistance

    Medical support for employees and their families (self, spouse, parents, children)

  • 03

    EAP Stress Diagnostic Test & Counseling

    Conducting stress diagnostic test and Providing counseling to reduce stress of executives and employees

  • 04

    Health Screening

    Supporting national health checkups and comprehensive health screening program

  • 05

    Work-Life Balance Day

    Leave early by 2 hours on the first Friday of every month

  • 06

    Early Friday

    Leave early by 30 minutes on the every Friday

  • 07

    Flexible Work Hours

    Operate flexible work hours for efficient use of time

  • 08

    Complimentary Commute Shuttle Service

    Offering free shuttle bus service for convenient commuting

  • 09

    COVID-19 Paid Leave

    Offering paid Leave during the self-quarantine period

  • 10

    Maternity Leave & Parental Leave

    Securing legally mandated maternity and parental Leave for childbirth and childcare

  • 11

    Long Service Reward Leave

    Granting reward Leave for rest to long-term served executives and employees

  • 12

    Joint Annual Leave Program

    Operating a joint annual Leave program to promote employee leisure activities and well-being

  • 13

    Congratulations /
    Condolences Allowance & Leave

    Providing allowance and Leave for congratulations and condolences

  • 14

    Resort & Condo Membership Program

    Operating a resort & condo membership program for employees' relaxation

  • 15

    In-house Communication Cafe

    free operation of the in-house cafe to provide a communication space for executives and employees

  • 16

    Women's Lounge

    Separately installed and operated woment's loung

  • 17

    Work-Learning Balance Program (P-TECH)

    Providing on-the-job training and theoretical education in parallel to the young

  • 18

    In-house Clubs

    Support for physical training, a platform for communication, and activities to cultivate emotional well-being through club participation