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Preliminary Design and Detailed Design for Supreme Public Prosecuter’s Office



LocationSeoul, Korea

Scale Site Area: 36,392㎡
G.F.A.: 45,518㎡

The Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office, located adjacent to a group of legal buildings consisting of the Seoul High Prosecutors' Office, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office, the Seoul High Court, and the Supreme Court, serves as the central hub of the judicial administration system. As an independent institution responsible for upholding justice and law enforcement, the Supreme Prosecutor's Office plays a pivotal role in symbolizing legal equality, justice, and rigor.

Designed as a building for the nation's premier law enforcement agency, prioritizing the convenience and safety of the people, the Supreme Prosecutor's Office embodies the principles of law. The building aims to provide a pleasant working environment that enhances the pride and sense of belonging among the prosecutors who work here, aligning with the site conditions and the surrounding environment.

The semi-circular colonnade at the entrance of the complex enhances the building's visibility and emphasizes its closeness to the public and the main road. The complex comprises the main building for office functions and an annex for welfare facilities, with a flexible layout carefully considered to maximize the efficiency of prosecutorial functions and accommodate future organizational expansion.

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