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Preliminary Design and Detailed Design for Daejeon District Court



LocationDaejeon, Korea

Scale Site Area: 32,100㎡
G.F.A.: 26,800㎡

The Daejeon District Court is the largest high court complex in South Korea, accommodating multiple courts handling civil, criminal, and administrative litigation according to Korean law. The design focuses on efficient and user-friendly circulation plans, considering both the layout and vertical separation of public areas (open zones) and workspaces (secure zones) within a single building.

The Daejeon District Court includes various programs, ranging from the ground-level spaces accessible to the public to the levels where the courts are situated, administrative areas, and individual offices for jurors on the upper floors. On the contrary, the exterior design adopts a simple and dignified approach, eschewing unnecessary ornamentation and featuring a dense, uncompromising style, symbolizing the court's image of pursuing perfection in judgments and never compromising on its traditions.

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