ENGINEERING Water Sewerage

Preliminary Design and Detailed Design for Myeongseong-ri Sewerage Treatment Facilities Construction

ClientYangpyeong Environment Affairs Agency


LocationYangpyeong, Korea

Scale Facility : Q=150㎥/day
Sewer Pipe : L=11.0㎞

The purpose of this plan is to design and implement the basic and detailed facilities for a communal individual wastewater treatment system and sewage pipeline construction. In this designated area, it is anticipated that each household would need to install septic tanks to treat domestic wastewater. However, in anticipation of potential future legal regulations that could lead to increased inconvenience for residents, the plan is to treat the village's domestic sewage in communal individual wastewater treatment facilities. This approach aims to improve the rural environment, promote a pleasant rural lifestyle, stimulate the local economy through various regulatory relaxations, diversify residents' sources of income, and protect the water quality environment in effluent areas.

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