ENGINEERING Water Sewerage

Preliminary Design and Detailed Design for Extension of Wastewater Treatment Plant in Mupung and Three Other Districts

ClientMuju County


LocationMuju, Korea

Scale Expansion of WWTP in Mupung (Q= 100㎥/day)
Construction of WWTP in Chimok and Chudong (Q= 80, 40㎥/day) and Sewer(L=21km)

This project is aimed at managing sewage generated in several areas, including Yongpo-ri in Muju-eup, three other areas in Anseong-myeon, Hyunnae-ri in Mufung-myeon, and Goemok-ri in Jeokjang-myeon. The project involves expanding the Mufoong sewage treatment facility by 100㎥/day, establishing the Chimok sewage treatment facility with a capacity of 80㎥/day, and creating the Chudong sewage treatment facility with a capacity of 40㎥/day. Additionally, 21.0km of sewage pipelines have been improved to contribute to water quality protection at discharge sites and improve the living environment for residents.

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