ENGINEERING Water Sewerage

Improvement of Rain Water Pump Station(Northern Seoul Area)

ClientSeoul Metropolitan Government


LocationSeoul, Korea

Scale Rainwater Pump Stations : 58 points

The initial operating water level was calculated based on the ground elevation and conduit capacity within the drainage basin at the time the pumping station was originally established. However, it has not been able to adequately respond to significant changes in site ground elevation, increased conduit capacity, and changes in the drainage basin. Therefore, there is a need to reset the initial operating water level, taking these considerations into account.
During heavy rainfall events, certain low-lying areas experience flooding even though the rainwater pumping station does not reach the High Water Level (H.W.L) in the reservoir. This leads to a situation where only some pumps are activated, and swift internal drainage cannot be achieved, which is unreasonable. To address this issue and protect the lives and property of citizens, the aim is to eliminate this discrepancy and ensure efficient internal drainage.

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