ENGINEERING Water Sewerage

Master Plan for Sewerage System in Incheon Metropolitan City

ClientIncheon Metropolitan City


LocationIncheon, Korea

Scale Project Area : 1,048.88 ㎢ (including Gwanghwa and Ongjin County)
Water quality and quantity survey: 52 points

This task aims to establish a revised basic sewage system development plan for the entire Incheon city area, taking into account the Incheon Urban Basic Plan set forth by the Sewage Act (confirmed on November 30, 2015). Both domestically and internationally, it strives to appropriately respond to various strengthening environmental standards. By incorporating past urban development and urban planning changes, it intends to formulate a comprehensive and systematic sewage system development plan (revised) for the entire city of Incheon. The ultimate goal is to increase sewage system coverage through planned sewage projects, ensuring the healthy development of the local community, improved public hygiene, and the preservation of water quality in public water areas, in alignment with the gradually reinforced environmental standards.

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