ENGINEERING Water Sewerage

Master Plan for Sewerage System & water reuse management, Cheongyang-gun

ClientCheongyang County


LocationCheongyang, Korea

Scale Project Area : 479.32㎢
Target population : 32,560

This plan involves a reevaluation and improvement of the established sewage system basic plan, covering the entire area of Cheongyang County (479.32㎢). The target year for the sewage system basic plan is 2030, divided into four phases every five years. The water reutilization management plan is set for 2020, with five phases every two years. The planned population is 32,560, aimed at improving public hygiene for the residents of Cheongyang County. Additionally, the plan includes the development of rainwater utilization facilities and a comprehensive water supply plan to anticipate long-term water utilization conditions.

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