ENGINEERING EIA Strategic Assessment

Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment for Chuncheon~Sokcho railway Construction

ClientMinistry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport


LocationChuncheon,Sokcho, Korea

Scale Length : 94.0㎞

A strategic environmental impact assessment was conducted for the construction of a railway between Chuncheon and Sokcho to meet the increasing transportation demand in the western and eastern parts of Gangwon Province. This project aims to establish a transportation and logistics network by connecting the Seoul metropolitan area with the Gangwon and Donghae northern regions through the construction of high-speed railways, connecting the Donghae Line, north-south railways, and Trans-Siberian Railway (TSR). Additionally, it seeks to enhance accessibility to the Seoul metropolitan area, alleviate traffic congestion on the east-west axis, and promote the development of tourism resources in the Gangwon region. Furthermore, it contributes to the activation of urban exchange between the east and west cities and regional balanced development by connecting Yongsan-Mangu, Mangu-Chuncheon, and Chuncheon-Sokcho in the east-west high-speed railway network.

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